Coronation Street star Simon Gregson tells Soaplife that Becky finally agrees to give Steve a divorce… But his victory could be bittersweet

Steve’s tired of fighting with Becky and relieved when she says yes to a divorce. “He thought it was going to be a tougher and longer battle,” Simon tells Soaplife. But now he’s going to need all his energy to fight off Tracy!

Does Steve really want a divorce?
“He’s past the point of playing games with Becky. Somewhere he probably does still love her, but Steve’s decided it’s easier to live without her.”

She doesn’t go quietly, though…
“Steve arrives back from seeing his brother, Andy, in Brighton to witness a full-scale brawl. He thought he’d left Stella in charge, but when he sees Becky behind the bar he quickly works out this will be Becky’s fault once again. He suggests she stay with Roy and Hayley, but Becky is defiant. She believes she has as much right to be at The Rovers as he has.”

So Steve makes a shocking move, doesn’t he?
“He goes for Becky’s weak point and offers her money to go. Becky fires back at Steve saying she’s not as easily bought off as her sister Kylie.”

But she finally agrees to a divorce. How does Steve feel?
“His heart is heavy but deep down he knows this really is the end of the line for them. He just doesn’t want to fight any more battles.”

With Becky gone, could Steve get Amy back?
“I’m sure that’s very much a part of Steve’s plan. He’ll be doing all he can to get more access to his daughter.”

Including hitching up with Tracy again?
“That really would be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire for Steve! He knows that’s what Tracy wants, but it might not be the best move for him. Then again, you never know with Steve!”