Sinead Tinker is back with Chesney Brown – but she’s still fighting her feelings for Daniel Osbourne, Katie McGlynn tells Soaplife

Sinead wanted more out of life, so she dumped safe, reliable Chesney and started a relationship with the more unpredictable Daniel Osbourne. But she took fright when Daniel tried to kill his father, Ken Barlow and retreated to Chesney’s arms. Sinead clearly isn’t totally over Daniel, though.

What’s the story?

The thing is, some old flames refuse to stop burning completely… “There is always going to be a spark between Sinead and Daniel because of the way that they split up – it was very abrupt because of what Daniel did to his dad. But Sinead still loves him and he still loves her,” Katie McGlynn told Soaplife. As they enjoy each other’s company, it looks as if neither will be able to resist – but then Sinead hears some very worrying news about Chesney. . .

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Katie McGlynn reveals all to Soaplife

Soaplife: What’s the worrying news?

KM: “Sinead receives a call, telling her that Chesney has collapsed at work. She feels very guilty and really worried. Instantly she feels like she needs to get to him to make sure he is all right.”

S: So who does Sinead truly love?

KM: “She will always care about Daniel but she is trying to make a go of it with Chesney. She feels under pressure, though, because of his anxieties over her betrayal and following on from him being stabbed in the Bistro. She doesn’t want to let him down again because of how badly he reacted last time. She is scared of what he’ll do if she does.”

S: Then there’s an even more serious phone call that makes Katie see Ches in a new light…

KM: “Yes – this time from Portugal about Chesney’s ex Katie and their son, Joseph. From then on, Sinead is just in awe of Chesney and how determined he is. She takes a step back and sees Chesney differently. She sees him as a man, and he is so courageous because he is really poorly but he is just so passionate about his son. She thinks, ‘What have I been doing?’ She thinks she should be with him because he loves her and she does love him and she has respect for him – even more so now.”

S: So who do you think Sinead should be with?

KM: “Daniel is more of a gamble but because she is such a kooky character, I think she should be with him! Chesney is too set in his ways for Sinead.”

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