Sir Ben Kingsley wants Coronation Street role

Coronation Street fans are used to the odd celebrity popping up on those famous cobbles, but Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley wants another crack.

The veteran star, whose credits include Gandhi and Sexy Beast, started his career in the soap, playing Ron Jenkins, a cheeky chap who chatted up Ken Barlow’s then wife Valerie back in the 1960s.

Ben told The Sun: “Oh I did enjoy my time on Coronation Street. I said I might go back, have a pint in the Rovers Return.”

“I have very fond memories. I think a long-running soap is a very interesting way of looking at the social history of a time and a place.”

He added: “And this took place in Salford, so it was very much my territory and my background. It was a marvellous show.”

The actor revealed how making the soap was ‘almost like live TV or theatre’, and said: “We had huge cameras with great thick tapes, and we ran from one part of the studio to the other to keep the tapes rolling. Quite marvellous. Very exciting.”

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