Snoop Dogg could make a guest appearance on Coronation Street after he begged his agent to get him a cameo on the cobbles.

The rapper is a massive fan of the soap and has been watching it for 11 years.

Snoop Dogg said: “I had my agent reach out to them to see if they could try to get me on and they said they were interested so hopefully it might happen. It would be perfect for me to be on the show. I’ve got friends around the world who always put me up on things and turn me on to things. Eleven years ago one of my friends turned me on to it.

“I love the whole dynamic, the way it is put together, it is my world, it is something I could fall into.”

Snoop Dogg was speaking at the Ordsall Community Centre in Salford, Greater Manchester, where he met young volunteers who gave up four hours of their time to paint the centre in exchange for a ticket to the rap star’s gig.

The 38-year-old was refused a visa to enter the UK in 2007 after a series of run-ins with the police. But the ban was eventually lifted, allowing him to play at Glastonbury last week.

Snoop Dogg said: “One of the important things about me coming back into the UK was that I wanted to become real community active to show people that I really do care about the problems that are going on over here. This is like a treat, to be able to do something constructive for your community, it feels good to be a part of it.”

Volunteers at the centre received a free ticket to a Snoop gig at the Manchester Apollo through the Orange RockCorps scheme.

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