Eva Price makes a dramatic return to Coronation Street in the coming week and “she could have done with a bit of waterproof mascara”, says Catherine Tyldesley, who plays the much-loved barmaid.

“Eva’s not one to have a subdued entrance,” Catherine reveals. “She gets out of the taxi and the first person she bumps into is her lovely sister, Leanne [Jane Danson].”

And Eva clearly needs her big sister.

“She’s crying and picking up her clothes, which emptied onto the street when she dropped her case,” Catherine reveals.

“Have you been drinking?” Leanne asks.

“I might have had one or two,” Eva wails.

“Right,” says Leanne. “Shall we have a little chat?”

“Yes, please,” sobs Eva.

“And Eva tells Leanne all about the dramas she’s had while she’s been in France,” says Catherine.

She met a French guy on the rebound from Jason, she’s got engaged and then she catches him cheating on her…

“I looked through the window and there he was, with another woman…” Eva tells Leanne.

“What were they doing?” Leanne asks.

“Well, they weren’t playing flaming Kerplunk, were they?” says Eva.

“So Eva comes back, not in the best of moods,” Catherine continues. “And nobody’s really that fussed about this little minor engagement problem she’s had. Everyone’s pretty consumed with their own lives.

“Eva decides the one place she’ll surely be made to feel at home is the Rovers Return, where she’s served by Sarah-Lou [Tina O’Brien].  They have a bit of a barney, Eva starts hurling abuse and Sarah throws her out.

“As she leaves the Rovers, still hurling abuse, who does she bump into? Jason [Ryan Thomas]… You always see your ex when you look a little bit minging and you’re in an awkward situation, don’t you?

“Will they get back together? I don’t know. I hope so. But Eva is definitely back with a mahoosive bang.”

Eva returns to Coronation Street in the episode airing on ITV, Wednesday, September 16, 7.30pm.

Coronation Street continues on ITV, Monday, September 14, 7.30pm.