Coronation Street stars Jane Danson and Chris Gascoyne talk about the happier times ahead for their characters after a tough year…

Peter and Leanne do make a good couple, don’t they?
Jane: “Yeah, because they’re both flawed characters! In a funny way all this has brought them closer together.”
Chris: “I love them; I think they’re made for each other. Somebody told me the other day there’s exactly the same age difference between Leanne and Peter as there is between Deirdre and Ken… but if you look at Deirdre and Ken that’s not necessarily the secret of a happy marriage!”

So you want them to get married eventually?
Jane: “Yes, because I love working with Chris and I don’t want to work with anyone else! Hopefully there’s a lot more drama to come.”
Chris: “I really like working with Jane so I hope they stay together, I’ve really loved this year and doing these storylines. And Alex has done really well, too.”

That’s why we thought we’d reward him with some chocolate!
Jane: “It’s really funny because every time we do a scene it either involves him eating chocolate, sweets or popcorn and he loves every minute. He’s not met my sons yet, but we chat about them all the time and he tells me what I’m to expect as they get bigger!”

How are you spending Easter?
Jane: “I’ve got a couple of days off, so we might go down to Devon to see the in-laws.”
Chris: “There’ll be lots of chocolate if I have anything to do with it. But in the last month I’ve put on loads of weight – this morning the grey suit Peter usually wears didn’t fit me! My wife (actress Caroline Harding) and kids (Freddie, 14, Pip, 12, and Belle, eight) have been hiding the chocolate from me…”