But Coronation Street’s Simon Gregson warns, with word of a repeat tragedy to come, they’re in for more heartbreak!

How have things been with Steve and Becky since the miscarriage?

“Fragile. Steve has been tiptoeing around Becky, trying to give her time to come to terms with things, so he’s thrilled when she tells him she’s ready for them to resume their love life. He’s been hurting just as much as she has.”

Does he think Becky might be ready to try for another baby?

“She says she is and Steve’s really pleased. He cares more about her than having a baby, but he’s got the idea of a brother or sister for Amy in his head and still wants that.”

So he loves her as much as ever?

“Absolutely. He knew married life to Becky would be up and down. She’s slightly mental, but he likes that. He’d be so bored if he settled down with the girl next door.”

Does he plan a romantic evening?

“Not quite. They enjoy a little afternoon delight in the kitchen of all places. Then Ciaran walks in on them… not that it stops them!”

It’s been revealed that Becky will lose a second baby. Will their marriage cope under the strain?

“They’ll both be devastated. Steve was shattered by losing the first baby. After all his efforts to persuade Becky to keep the baby – then to have that happen. And then he had to make her see it wasn’t her fault when she blamed herself.”

How will they cope then when told Becky’s unlikely to ever be able to carry a baby to full term?

“They’ll be devastated again. But there will be lots of avenues to go down before Steve gives up on the idea of another child.”

Might they adopt and become the next Brangelina?

“They might adopt – but I can’t see them doing a Brad and Angelina!”