Corrie’s Simon Gregson: Steve’s double baby bombshell will ‘be a cue for comedy’

Steve McDonald tells Michelle he doesn’t want another baby, explains Corrie’s Simon Gregson… Then she tells him she’s pregnant! Wait till she finds about his OTHER baby!

There are two too many babies due to arrive in the life of Steve McDonald. He already knows Leanne is pregnant. Then Michelle tells him she is as well – just after he tells her he doesn’t want them to have a baby. Oops!

Simon Gregson tells Soaplife about the drama.

Why doesn’t Steve want a baby with Michelle?
“Because of the Leanne [Jane Danson] baby bombshell and him not knowing what’s going to happen with that. The prospect of another baby’s too much to cope with now, even though he has been desperate to have a child with Michelle [Kym Marsh] in the past.”

What happens when Steve tells Michelle he doesn’t want her to get pregnant?
“He feels like an idiot to start with because he’s always said he wanted them to have a baby of their own. He loves Michelle and she’s devastated when he tells her he doesn’t want a baby… because, as she tells him, she’s just discovered she’s already pregnant!”

How does he react?
“He feels terrible because of what he’s just said to Michelle. But now that having the baby is a reality… Well, he’s both shocked and pleased. It’s a massive mix of emotions for him. He wants this baby borne out of love with his wife, but it’s difficult because of what’s happening with Leanne after their one-night stand.”

Can Steve handle this, what with his recent depression?
“Yes… as soon as he can be convinced, the identity of Leanne’s baby will remain a secret. There’s no way he’ll come clean and tell Michelle, even though it’s true he and Michelle were estranged when he slept with Leanne. Although it’s a serious situation, it will be a cue for comedy rather than anything else.”

Where do Steve and Michelle go from here?
“Hopefully, they’ll have a happily ever after. But they are like Ross and Rachel from Friends. The audience want them to be together, but Steve usually manages to mess it up.”

Coronation Street, ITV


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