Steve Huison says a ‘painful’ goodbye to Corrie

Steve Huison says it was ‘painful’ saying goodbye to his Coronation Street castmates.

The Leeds actor admitted he was very moved to be filming his final scenes as taxi driver Eddie Windass yesterday (Thursday).

“Eddie’s last scenes shot today. Very emotional they were too. A morning spent with crying actors. Then hung up his dog-bed coat and left,” he tweeted.

“It’s amazing how close one gets to people in two and half years, crew included. Very painful having to say goodbye. But isn’t life about loss?” he added.

Steve, who made his first on-screen appearance as dishevelled Eddie in November 2008, refused to divulge any details about his forthcoming departure on his Twitter page.

“A few people asking how Eddie leaves. Don’t spoil the story. Wait and see,” he teased.

“As far as I know Eddie’s departure will hit your magic lanterns round about April 25. But the question is, what cake to bake?”

And the 47-year-old hinted he would be putting up some Eddie mementos for sale.

“Few things to auction for charity over next few weeks. The tasteful red shirt as worn in the crash. How did this manky bandage get in here?” Steve wrote.

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