Steve McDonald’s got a new love!

Coronation Street‘s Simon Gregson tells Soaplife that Steve has already fallen for Kylie’s son… Will it be Kylie next?

Steve thought Becky was a handful, but that was before he met her sister Kylie. She’s trouble with a capital T, but because Steve doesn’t want her to leave and take little Max with her he’s keeping schtum and doing everything he can to make sure she stays. “He’s scared Kylie will go through with her threat to leave and take Max away for ever,” says Simon. We reckon he should be more scared of the possible threat to his marriage if she stays…

What does Steve make of Kylie?

“He doesn’t trust her at all. She’s been trouble from the start and he’s sure that’s not going to change.”

How does he feel about Max living with them at The Rovers?

“He loves having Max around. Steve would have liked a son with Becky and he enjoys playing Daddy to a boy. He and Becky have fallen in love with Max and Steve doesn’t want to lose him…”

How did he feel when Kylie came onto him?

“Extremely shocked. She probably thought, ‘that fat bald guy wants a bit’, but he wasn’t interested. When you are with somebody like Becky you don’t want another woman in your life.”

We’re wondering then why Steve hasn’t told Becky that her sister made a pass at him…

“He wants to tell Becky but Kylie threatened to leave with Max and not come back. Instead he offers to put all their difficulties behind him if she promises not to ruin what they have as a family.”

Does Steve think Kylie will stay?

“It’s always in the back of his mind that she might do a runner. Steve knows the whole business is going to be stressful. But Becky just sees Kylie as a younger version of herself and thinks it’s all going really well.”

Does he blame Becky for them being turned down for adoption?

“Not at all. The pair of them both have a bad history. He’s fully supportive of Becky and her happiness matters to him more than anything.”

Steve has a history of cheating. So, can he could he really resist if Kylie keeps coming on to him?

“It’s not ideal with them all living in the pub together. You never know what might happen…”

If Kylie ran off without her son, would Steve be happy to keep him?

“He’d absolutely support Becky if that’s what she wanted. It would all be above board with Becky being Kylie’s sister. Actually, it would be best for Becky and Steve if Kylie did leave and Max stayed with them. It would be perfect.”

That’s what we think. Would you like to see Steve and Becky take care of Max indefinitely?

“Yes, because the boy who plays him is so cute! He reminds me of my own kids and I enjoy playing Daddy at work.”