If Tracy gets sent to prison, Coronation Street’s Steve McDonald reckons he’ll get Amy – and finally Michelle too! Simon Gregson explains why…

Does Steve think Tracy is capable of murder?
“He’s going with the idea that she killed Charlie in self-defence – but he’s had glimmers of doubt. I think deep down he thinks she could commit murder but, having said that, I also think he expects her to get off.”

Why did Steve end up in bed with Tracy again?
“I haven’t got a clue! I’ve sat and thought about it for a long time and I reckon it was all about making Michelle jealous – and because he was desperate to get his leg over!”

If Tracy gets off could Steve make a go of it with her?
“No, I don’t think so. He knows that she is the psycho bitch from hell and she’s made his life a misery in the past. Plus, he doesn’t love her.”

So, why do they suddenly seem to be best mates?
“He’s all over the place. Tracy’s on trial, his mum’s boyfriend is a pain, Eileen’s being a pain and he’s not getting anywhere with Michelle. I think he’s having a breakdown!”

Does Steve worry about the effect the trial is having on Amy?
“Yes. He’s worrying about how Amy will cope if her mum is found to be a murderer. There’ll be name-calling and teasing and he’ll want to protect her from it.”

What will happen to Amy if Tracy does get sent to prison?
“Steve would take Amy in of course, no question. He loves his daughter and he copes OK when he has her at the moment. Of course, he’d probably send her out to work, up the chimneys of Weatherfield…”

Would Steve get custody of Amy?
“Steve is Amy’s dad and legal guardian so, yes, she’d go to him and that’s the way he’d want it.”

Who would Steve turn to for support?
“There are loads of suckers out there who’d help him – Eileen, his mum, Claire and even Michelle.”

Would you like Steve to be a single dad?
“Yes, I think that would be interesting. It would be nice for me as Amber Chadwick, who plays Amy, is very cute and we get on really well. It makes a change from working with adults.”

Will it affect his chasing Michelle?
“He’ll probably use it to win her over. She’s a single mum, so they’d have something in common.”

Does Steve still think he’s in with a chance with her?
“He knows she fancies him – it’s only a matter of time!”