Coronation Street‘s Simon Gregson tells Soaplife his big casino win comes at a price…

Why is Steve going to casinos when he’s strapped for cash?

“Cheryl and Lloyd get these free tickets… there’s free booze, food and £100 worth of free chips each. Becky insists they go.”

Does Becky understand the extent of their financial troubles?

“Not really. She’s from a background where if you want something badly enough you steal it. Like she did when she robbed the Corner Shop during the tram crash.”

Has Steve forgiven her for that?

“He understands why she did it. She was desperate and it was out of love for Max. But Dev’s a mate so Steve’s not happy about it.”

How does Steve feel when Dev tells him he’s broke?

“He feels terrible about it. But Steve’s bogged down with his own debt. Lloyd wants to know when he’s going to repay what he borrowed from Streetcars to ‘buy’ Max…”

Then Steve wins big at the casino…

“Steve wins £5k. Lloyd thinks he’s going to get the loan back and Becky thinks she’s going to go out and buy a new pair of Ugg boots.”

But Steve has his own ideas of what he’ll do with his windfall…

“He thinks about it and tells Lloyd he can’t repay him yet. He needs the cash for something else…”

Is he thinking of giving the money to Dev and Sunita?

“That’s the way he’s leaning but it won’t be that simple. They’ll want to know where it came from… and why.”

Instead Dev and Sunita find an envelope with £5k and a note saying ‘sorry’… and come to talk to Steve and Becky… Do they know?

“They say they need to talk with friends and tell them the looter has returned the money and it’s clearly someone they know. And they discuss calling the police.”

What do Steve and Becky do?

“Becky’s manic and Steve’s terrified she’s going to do a runner.”

Steve goes to the Alahans… Does he tell them it was Becky… or take the rap himself?

“Well, he knows Becky would go down for a long time if she got caught doing something like that. Basically, they’re in a bit of a mess…”

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