Ex-Coronation Street star Suranne Jones has said that she thinks her former screen husband is “doomed” when it comes to finding true love.

The actress, who is now starring in new show Scott and Bailey, played Steve McDonald’s ex-wife Karen for four years until 2004 – and says that the cabbie turned barman will find it tough to be happy due to his habit of picking the wrong women.

“He always goes for the typically crazy women – but if he settles down with someone like Claire Peacock, say, that wouldn’t last two minutes,” Suranne said.

“I don’t think he needs a soft-hearted woman. He’d want a bit of spice in his life. I think the whole point of Steve is that he goes for women who are like his mother. Liz McDonald wore a few short skirts and had a mouth on her so I think he’s doomed for that kind of woman.”

Steve, played by Simon Gregson, is set to find his current marriage to Becky (Katherine Kelly) on the rocks, with matters complicated by the return of his ex-lover Tracy (Kate Ford).

And Suranne suggested that things could get interesting once Becky leaves.

“Tracy’s still around. But Becky’s gone, so will he get back with Tracy or will they bring some other wonderful character in?” she said.

“Maybe he’ll get with one of the other girls – that’s a bit mad. Young Tina or something like that, who knows?”