Steve’s sick of the crowded house

There are too many people in Steve’s cosy love nest, complains Coronation Street star Simon Gregson!

As much as Steve loves Michelle, he’s starting to feel her family is taking over his life -especially when Amy is nearly killed by a van!

“Amy runs off and almost gets hit by a builders’ van. Michelle puts it down as one of those things, but Steve is really shaken by it. This is the second time Amy has been in danger and he partly blames himself for getting distracted by Michelle’s worries.”

Sounds like all’s not rosy in paradise. Is love’s dream wilting? Will he dump Michelle?

“He’s definitely not thinking about dumping her… not at the moment. But Steve is annoyed with Michelle. He’s had to put up with Alex and has supported Ryan, but Michelle hasn’t put any effort into Amy. She missed her birthday party and doesn’t seem to worry about how all this arguing is affecting her. Steve feels he’s got so sucked into Michelle’s dramas he hasn’t looked after Amy properly. All that has got to change now… he’s got to refocus and put her first.”

So where does that leave Michelle?

“He loves Michelle and when they met it was great fun but he is starting to get worn down. He confesses to Lloyd that one minute he fancied the sexy barmaid, the next he’s involved with all these extra people.”

All he wants is a simple life with no hassle. But he’s not getting it…

“Karen was insane and brought lots of turmoil his way but he wasn’t expecting similar from Michelle. If he could close his eyes and have all the troubles disappear, he would.”

Talking of Karen, Suranne Jones has said she’d enjoy bringing her back to Weatherfield for a catfight with Michelle. If it ever happened who would Steve back?

“Michelle. Karen hurt him a lot so he wouldn’t feel any loyalty to her.”

So what next for Steve and Michelle?

“Lots of ups and downs. I know Steve pines for a quiet life, but I think that if he actually got one he’d be bored senseless!”