Street star Nikki backs 24 Hour Famine

Former Coronation Street actress Nikki Sanderson is lending her support to World Vision’s 24 Hour Famine.

The star, who played Candice in the popular soap, has spoken out about her reasons for supporting the charity.

“The 24 Hour Famine says something along the lines of, we go hungry for 24 hours so people in Zambia don’t have to,” she explained.

“We’re not recommending that young people give up food for 24 hours, as it wouldn’t be advisable, but anyone that’s fit and healthy to give up food for 24 hours.

“Alternatively, give up something that’s really important to you, like most people can’t live without their mobile phones so give it up for 24 hours.”

She added: “I’m definitely going to do it, give up food, and also I’m gonna try and give up something important like my mobile phone.”

Last year’s campaign was supported by I’m A Celebrity’s Myleene Klass and raised more than £700,000, which is now being used to help vulnerable families in Sierra Leone.

The 2007 campaign takes place between February 9 and 11 this year and funds raised will benefit the Keembe community, one of the poorest areas in Zambia.

To get involved in the 24 Hour Famine, simply log onto