Sue: ‘Eileen knows she’s made a big mistake’

Coronation Street‘s Sue Cleaver explains to Soaplife what happens when Eileen tries to play nasty Owen at his own game…

Eileen knows what a dodgy and dangerous bloke Owen is. So when he catches her banking £10,000 of his cash into her own account she’s terrified. “It’s completely out of character and done out of sheer desperation,” explains Sue. “But she knows she’s made a big mistake.”

Eileen fancied Owen at first. Does she still?

“Not now she knows what sort of a man he is. She tolerates him because he’s her boss. But he’s disrespectful and she doesn’t like him very much at all.”

Is that why she nicks £10,000 from him?

“She does that in desperation. Owen advised her to buy her house and now she’s found out it’s falling down around her. He’s not prepared to help her sort it and she’s got no money. So when Carla turns up with £10,000 she owes Owen, Eileen puts it in her own account.”

Does she actually plan to steal the money or just borrow it?

“She thinks Owen won’t miss the money. He’s a wide boy with fiddle jobs going on all over the place. But as soon as she pays it into her bank she knows she’s made a mistake and decides she’ll pay it back. She feels even more guilty because Owen’s started being nice and is repairing her roof for her. But then Owen’s bank card is rejected, even though Carla’s told him she’s paid Eileen the £10,000 she owed.”

Uh-oh. Can you tell us what happens?

“Owen invites Eileen for a drink then turns on her. He tells her he knows she’s stolen £10,000 from him and he threatens to go to the police. She’s terrified.”

We’ve heard that Julie reminds Eileen she knows all about Owen ripping off the taxman…

“Julie points out Eileen’s got far more on Owen than he’s got on her. But Eileen’s scared. Owen’s a nasty piece of work and not the sort of man you want to cross.”