Sue Nicholls: Viewers want to see changes in Lewis

Coronation Street star Sue Nicholls has said that she believes fans of the show want to see a happy ending for her characfter Audrey and current love interest Lewis Archer.

Retired hairdresser Audrey appears to be in love with the former conman, played by Nigel Havers – and Sue told Inside Soap magazine that viewers have high hopes for the pair.

“They like them as a couple!” she said. “People know he’s a rogue, but he’s so charming that they want to believe he’s changed, as does Audrey.

“It makes the story more interesting to never really be sure what Lewis is up to – of what he could be planning next.”

However there is drama to come as Audrey and her family begin doubting Lewis again after being confronted by a former flame of his on the way home from their dream cruise – who warns Audrey to stay away from him.

Her family are left horrified after Audrey offers to write Penny a cheque to stop her going to the police – but Sue maintains she does it out of love for him.

“Audrey is standing by her man. She couldn’t bear life without Lewis,” she said.

“Penny tries to warn Audrey what Lewis is capable of, but she refuses to listen. Audrey believes in Lewis despite what everyone thinks.”

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