Sue teases that Eileen’s leaving Corrie

Coronation Street’s Sue Cleaver has teased that her alter-ego Eileen Grimshaw is considering leaving Weatherfield.

Following her painful split from fireman Paul Kershaw (Tony Hirst) after the death of his wife Lesley (Judy Holt), the factory machinist is thinking of selling her home and moving away.

“Eileen is considering cutting all her ties here, and setting off and moving away. It’s quite a big move for her, and it obviously leaves Sean and Marcus in a vulnerable situation, but at the moment, all she can think about is just getting away from it all,” the actress told the Coronation Street‘s official website.

Sue revealed that shooting the scenes were a challenge.

“Filming the scenes when Paul leaves was a mixture of sadness, pain, but real anger as well. They are very emotional scenes to film,” she added.

Tony revealed that it may not quite be the end of Eileen and Paul.

“It certainly looks that way at the moment. They need to distance themselves from each other because it’s too painful. These are tricky times,” he said.

He added: “When they go away and reflect, they will miss each other deeply. They’ve been scarred by this massive event but they’ve also been enriched by it, and I hope that this aspect of their relationship will be allowed to flourish. We’ll have to wait and find out.”