Suicide is far from painless for David Platt

Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd can deny it all he wants, but David Platt has a serious death wish!

David has shot at his mum with an air rifle… almost killed Beth with an ecstasy tablet… now it’s Jason’s turn. Come Sarah’s wedding day he’s going to stage his own suicide!

David was truly remorseful over what happened to Beth, but how can he defend what happens next?

“It’s complicated. David’s looking to get back at his family for not letting him go home or go to Sarah’s wedding. So when he sees Jason and Bill Webster driving off he goes to the building yard to see what mischief he can cause. He starts by deleting messages and destroying invoices, then he spies a spanner. He loosens the scaffolding bolts then leaves, laughing as he imagines it coming away.”

But Bill or Jason could really be killed!

“Only when it happens does David realise what he’s done. He’s shocked when it collapses with Jason on it… but he’s excited too.”

And in big trouble when

it turns out Jason

isn’t badly hurt…

“He susses David’s responsible and tells Gail what David said about fantasising over killing them all. Up to now David’s been sure everything will blow over. But his mum tells him that that’s it. He’s to stay away from the family.”

He begs for another chance, but she’s having none of it. Which turns out to be extremely dangerous, doesn’t it?

“David says he knows no one wants him around and he won’t cause any more worry. He feels isolated and unloved.”

Enough to kill himself though? Or is the suicide just a hoax?

“Could be either. He breaks into the Platts’ before the wedding and leaves a suicide note. Sarah finds it but reckons he’s bluffing and throws it away.”

If David isn’t bluffing, how far will he go?

“As far as he has to. He wants to ruin Sarah’s wedding and suicide is his last weapon. It could be he’s bluffing, but things might go wrong…”

And we can reveal that whether they do or don’t will be the big wedding day drama!

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