Tara dumps Dev, but Coronation Street‘s Jimmi Harkishin is confident she’ll be back!

Dev’s got the go-ahead from Prem to date Tara… How does he feel?

“He’s delighted. Dev’s fallen in love with Tara. She could be ‘the one’.”

How does he react when Tara tells him her ex has confessed to sleeping with her mum?

“Part of him feels he should own up to his own affair with Nina, but there is never a right time. Instead he becomes the perfect boyfriend – attentive and supportive and listening as she talks about it.”

Then Nina turns up, begging him not to reveal their secret to Tara. Is he sympathetic?

“Not really. He drags her into the storeroom at the shop and says that he has no intention of telling anybody. Only problem is, the door is open and Amber hears everything!”

Uh-oh! How does Amber react?

“She’s shocked at his underhand behaviour, but the secret might have stayed safe if it weren’t for Dev buying the kebab shop and doing Darryl out of a job. Amber’s furious as it looks as if Darryl will have to move to Spain with his family and she accuses Dev of splitting them up.”

Does he manage to calm her down?

“He doesn’t try. Dev’s smug and Amber stomps off. And when Tara follows her, Amber tells her about Dev and Nina… and Tara tells Dev she never wants to see him again.”

So is it all over Dev and Tara?

“For now. But I think Tara will miss him and come back. She’ll probably realise that as her mum slept with two of her boyfriends she’s the one who’s most at fault here.”

And what about Amber?

“She goes to stay with her mum for a bit. But Dev loves her. They’ll get through it…”