The Duckies’ grandson arrives on Coronation St

You play new boy Paul Clayton… Who is he?

“He’s Jack and Vera’s grandson and he comes to help out. His dad is the notorious Street bad boy Terry Duckworth.”

The last time we heard of Paul was when Vera

donated a kidney to him back in 2000 when he desperately needed a transplant. What’s he doing in the Street?

“He’s come to help. What with Vera’s sprained ankle and Jack’s bad back Molly’s fed up helping Tyrone look after them, so she contacts Paul.”

Are Jack and Vera pleased to see him?

“Of course. And he’s pleased to see them. He knows they’ll spoil him – and be willing to lend, or rather, give him money. But Tyrone takes an instant dislike to him. He susses out what Paul’s like.”

What is he like?

“A bit of a rogue but a likeable one. He’s his father’s son all right although not as dodgy as his dad! He’s a nice guy and he loves Jack and Vera but you can tell there’s something a bit edgy below the surface.

And one for the ladeez?

“Absolutely. He likes the girls does Paul. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a string of flings. He’s a bit of a Lothario.”

Will he stay in the Street once Jack and Vera are better?

“Yes. He’s in Weatherfield for the foreseeable future.”

What have you been in before?

“I’ve been playing Baz Wainright in Grange Hill for the past five years. I joined when I was 15. I’ve also appeared in The Royal, Heartbeat and Casualty and last year I was in a film called Love And Hate which I’m really proud of.”

Are you a Manchester lad?

“Yes – I live in Worsely near Manchester with my mum and brother. We’ve watched Corrie for years in our house so it’s a dream come true for me to actually be in it. I think my mum was more excited than me when I got the job – especially as I’m playing the Duckworth’s grandson!”

Were you nervous on your first day?

“A bit – I mean it’s the most famous street in the world. But everyone’s been really welcoming.”

Who will you watch your first screen scenes with?

“I might have a party… or maybe I’ll just watch it with my family!”

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