The mummy’s boys open up about their battle

New Coronation Street star Ben Thompson says Ryan wants Alex out of Michelle’s life… But Dario Coates (Alex) says he’s her son and he’s here to stay!

Ben says:

How did Ryan feel when he discovered that Michelle wasn’t his real mum?

“Like the bottom of his world had fallen out. It was like he no longer knew who he was.”

Does Ryan still not want to see Nick and Wendy, his birth parents?

“Right now he doesn’t like thinking about them as his parents. They’re strangers.”

Does Ryan feel pushed out by Alex, Michelle’s birth son?

“Totally. He feels like Alex is taking over his life. Michelle said all that stuff about biology not being important, but it obviously is for her.”

Will Ryan fight for her?

“When Alex moves in, Ryan moves out of the Rovers and in with Liam and Maria to show Michelle he means business. He tells her that it’s either Alex or him – she has to choose.”

Does he mean it?

“Michelle clearly wants Ryan and Alex to become like brothers, but that’s just not going to happen. There are too many deep emotions involved. If Michelle carries on the way she’s doing with Alex, it’ll ruin her and Ryan’s relationship for good.”

If Alex continues to edge Ryan out, will Ryan try to stop him?

“It has the potential to become very nasty. Ryan’s usually placid but now everything has changed for him. Unless Michelle starts putting him first who knows what he might do to get rid of Alex.”

Dario says:

How did Alex feel when he found out Michelle was his real mum?

“Shocked and confused to start with, but now he’s really pleased.”

Why does he turn his back on his ‘parents’ Nick and Wendy?

“He’s been going through a difficult time what with their marriage breakdown and not liking Wendy’s new boyfriend. But also he never felt like he belonged in his family, he’s told Michelle he always felt like an outsider and now he knows why.”

What does Alex want from Michelle?

“He wants Michelle, the woman who gave birth to him, to be his mum from now on.”

Does Alex want to replace Ryan in Michelle’s life?

“It must feel to Ryan like Alex is trying to take over his ‘mum’ and his life. Alex doesn’t see this though. He wants to be friends with Ryan and doesn’t see why they can’t both be her sons – brothers to all intents and purposes.”

Would it bother him if he knew Ryan has told Michelle to choose between them?

“I doubt it. Alex is going to do all he can to become a part of the Connor family… He feels like he’s come home.”