Coronation Street’s Gavin impostor Andy freaks out when he discovers the real Gavin is back in Weatherfield, Oliver Farnworth tells Soaplife…

How does Andy find out Gavin’s back?

“Steph [Tisha Merry] discovers it first. She goes round to the flat and the real Gavin’s there. Both are shocked to see each other. Steph does a lot of backtracking and covering up before finding Andy and telling him.” What’s Andy’s immediate worry?

“He knows he has to work fast to cover his tracks. He’s left payslips from the bistro with Gavin’s name on them and the letter from Michael lying around the flat.” 

But he’s not fast enough…

“No. Gavin’s obviously seen the payslips and the letter. Andy explains he tried to get in touch with Gavin when Michael’s letter arrived, but when Steph pipes up that Michael [Les Dennis] is really nice, Gavin realises Andy’s been in contact with Michael and things turn nasty. It’s clear Gavin hates Michael for abandoning him.” 

What happens next?

“Steph urges Andy to come clean to Michael. They go to the Rovers, where Michael and Gail [Helen Worth] are, but before Andy can say anything, Gavin walks in. Andy thinks this is it!”

Is it?

“Gavin takes Andy completely by surprise. He tells him he’ll keep quiet in exchange for £5000. Gavin doesn’t care about his dad – he just wants the money. Andy feels he has no choice but to get Gavin the cash.”


“When Nick [Ben Price] gives Andy the bistro takings to bank, an idea forms. Andy realises the big wad of cash could be the answer to their problem. What if he makes out he’s mugged on his way to the bank? He doesn’t want to do this, but he’s desperate. Andy manages to pull it off but is still a couple of grand short.” 

What will he do?

“He doesn’t know and he’s beside himself, but he’ll do anything to protect Michael from finding out the truth before marrying Gail. He’s grown very fond of Michael and he feels very guilty about deceiving him…”

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