The Street interview: Fiz is the teacher’s pet!

When Fiz Brown bumps into her first love she knows she has to break Kirk’s heart! Coronation Street actress Jennie McAlpine reveals all…

Fiz is shocked to meet a figure from her past. Who is he?

“He’s called John Spence and he’s a teacher at Chesney’s school. He’s well dressed, funny, intelligent… and was Fiz’s first love!”

How did Fiz bump into him?

“She went to the school to watch Chesney’s dress rehearsal and sees him there. After the performance she had a chat with him.”

And they got on?

“Yes, they were very at ease together and she told him it’s good to see him. The spark is definitely still there.”

Does she keep the meeting a secret?

“No. She tld Maria that she’s seen her older first love and was impressed by how well he’s doing. Then she swore her to secrecy!”

Does she spend more time with John?

“Yes, it’s obvious they both like each other and suddenly Fiz is finding all these excuses to go down to the school. They nearly kiss but Fiz pulls away.”

Hold on! What about Kirk?

“She’s fed up with him. Compared to John he looks a bit like a failure. What is there to look forward to? She doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life going to the pub every Friday night.”

Did she think she’d end up marrying Kirk?

“I guess so. She thought they would just carry on as they are but bumping into John makes her realise that there are other possibilities. He makes her feel alive again.”

Kirk senses something’s up and suddenly proposes. How does she react?

“It’s too late. Fiz knows she doesn’t want to end up with Kirk and knows she has to tell him that it’s over. He’d marry her next week but the thought fills her with dread.”

Is she doing the right thing?

“She thinks so. She can see that if things are dull with Kirk now they don’t stand a chance of having a good, solid marriage.”

Will she regret this?

“I don’t think so. She’s only 23. That’s far too young to be stuck in a dead-end relationship. She should be out there having fun.”

Can Kirk win her back?

“No. I don’t believe there’s anything he can do or say to win her back – but I could be wrong.”

Will she tell Kirk about John?

“She won’t be in a hurry to but, as she’s told Maria, I don’t think it will be long before he finds out.”

So, will John and Fiz become an item?

“It looks as if they’re heading that way…”