David Platt’s playing a dangerous game with Tracy in Coronation Street and Jack P Shepherd warns he won’t stop till he’s got her in bed!

Why did David Platt agree to testify?
“He thinks he’s so clever – that he’ll get away with it. He also enjoys having this power over Tracy – he knows his alibi means he can make her do virtually anything he wants. And he’s having a whale of a time.”

But this is serious. Does he not consider the consequences if it all goes wrong?
“He knows exactly what the punishment for perjury is… but he’s 16 so he wouldn’t go to prison, he’d go to a young offender’s institution.”

Isn’t he nervous about standing up in court?
“No he’s looking forward to it. He tells Tracy’s solicitor he wants to testify in court and not just do it via video link.”

There’s something else he wants too though, isn’t there?
“Yes! He wants to sleep with Tracy.”

“Basically he’s desperate. He wants to have sex and he’s not having much luck with girls his own age. Besides he’s already got DVDs and money out of Tracy. Sex is more of a challenge!”

And she’s about to give in right?
“Oh yes. But someone comes to the door just at the wrong moment and she’s saved by the bell.”

Will he give up now?
“No way! He warns Tracy that he won’t wait forever. He tells her she has to find somewhere private for them to.”

But would he even enjoy sex this way?
“The idea makes me laugh. I think he’d be terrified. Tracy would eat him for breakfast when it came down to it. It would be worse than being half-drowned by Charlie!”

Knowing Tracy deliberately killed Charlie, isn’t he just a bit scared of her?
“Tracy is dangerous but he figures she can’t afford to slip up right now. He believes he’s totally in control.”

We’ve heard it’s David who slips up…
“That’s not quite right… but no secret ever stays secret in Corrie and I reckon this one’s about to explode!”