The Street’s Liam reveals Paul’s dark secret

When Paul Connor disappears from Coronation Street, brother Liam is forced into telling Carla her husband is a killer! Rob James-Collier dishes the dirt

When Paul Connor drives off in his car and doesn’t return, wife Carla and sister Michelle can’t understand what’s up… But Liam knows exactly what’s eating Paul, doesn’t he?

“Paul overreacts because of a secret in his past. On the night Michelle’s husband and Ryan’s dad, Harry, was killed crashing the car he was driving, it wasn’t actually Harry who was driving at all. It was Paul.”

Paul? But poor, dead Harry got all the blame!

“That’s right. Liam, Harry and Paul were all really drunk after a lads’ night out. Harry, who was the drunkest, wanted to drive but Paul refused to let him.”

What happened?

“Harry died instantly. After the crash, Paul panicked and he and Liam moved Harry into the driving seat, so it looked like Harry had been driving. It happened several years ago and Paul’s been living with the guilt ever since.”

So, no-one else knows the truth?

“No. Liam colluded with Paul on that night but as he wasn’t driving he doesn’t feel so guilty plus he’s not the kind of person to dwell on things.”

Unlike Paul…

“Paul is and seeing Ryan put his life in danger by joy-riding brings it all back. It’s this secret he’s carrying around which has caused Paul to go AWOL before.”

Doesn’t Carla try and force the information out of Liam?

“She wears Liam down until he comes out with it.”

And how does Carla handle the news of what really happened that night?

“She’s shocked but not hysterical. It goes some way to explaining why Paul is the way he is. But their main concern is finding out where Paul is. He’s not answering his phone. Liam decides to text Paul with the message that he’s told Carla everything. He’s sure that will bring Paul home.”

And does it?

“It does. He’s quite calm, seems ready to talk and isn’t angry that Liam’s told Carla. The three of them agree there’s no point telling Michelle the truth. What would be the point? They play down Paul’s disappearance and Liam’s relieved things are back to normal.”