Coronation Street’s Steve and Tracy are shocked by their feelings when they share a quick kiss, says Simon Gregson…

Steve hasn’t wanted anything to do with Tracy since she was the one who caused his marriage break-up. So how on earth do they end up kissing?
“Tracy kisses him on the cheek for listening and helping to cheer her up. Before that they’re chatting about the good times they had. They didn’t have many but there were a few. Steve wants Tracy to feel OK simply because he wants a nice family atmosphere for Amy. He doesn’t want Amy mixed up in all the Charlie stuff especially as he’s so busy at the moment running two businesses.”

What is it about Tracy that keeps Steve coming back for more?
“Tracy’s crazy and a loose cannon but Steve likes fiery girls, remember. ‘Nice’ girls bore him. When Steve drops her home and Tracy kisses him on the cheek there’s a frisson between them that shocks them both.”

Steve’s just been knocked back by barmaid Michelle. Isn’t he just happy for some female attention – even if it’s from Tracy?
“If Tracy was to really come on to him I don’t know if he’d be able to resist. He’s been feeling quite sorry for himself because of Michelle so he might be on the rebound. And recently Tracy’s been putting on this act that she’s changed and is really quite normal.”

But, she’s a murderess!
“Steve believes her story about her killing Charlie in self-defence. Or, rather, he wants to believe it. He doesn’t want his daughter growing up and everyone pointing the finger saying she’s the child of a murderer. He’s not really sorry Charlie’s dead. Steve thought Charlie was a nasty piece of work and that he got what was coming to him.”

If Tracy is found guilty and goes to prison, surely that will mean Steve gets custody of Amy?
“He will but that doesn’t mean he wants Tracy to go to prison. He’s not that cold-hearted. He’d like a situation where Tracy was a bit more accommodating but he doesn’t want her out of the way altogether. He wouldn’t want that for Amy. Steve knows Tracy’s not a natural mother but he thinks she’s doing OK and he recognises she does love Amy.”

Doesn’t Steve worry about Amy ending up as barmy as her mum?
“I think he hopes there’s more of him than Tracy in Amy. If not, he’ll just have to train her. Send her to anti-Tracy boot camp or something!”