The truth will out! Tracy contemplates confessing to Carla in Coronation Street

It’s been a few months since the fatal blaze at Carla’s flat which claimed the lives of Kal and Maddie on Coronation Street, so when an auction is held at the Bistro for Maddie’s memorial fund, a contrite Carla heads towards a major drunken meltdown as the weight of guilt still hangs over her.

While a guilty Tracy Barlow looks on at a crumbling Carla, will she accept it’s time to tell the truth and admit she inadvertently caused the fire or will she let a sorrowful Carla suffer for the rest of her days?


Ever since the fatal fire, Carla Connor (Alison King) has been on a path of self-destruction, as the weight of guilt on her shoulders has taken its toll… So when she decides to attend the auction, will Tracy (Kate Ford) confess all when she sees the desperate state Carla is in?


Tracy, who is already going through a guilt-ridden time of her own over the fire and her involvement, can’t bear to see tortured soul Carla turn up at the Bistro as it’s a stark reminder of the damage she has caused… in more ways than one.


Carla is drunk and disorderly, and ends up bidding for a photo of Lorraine Kelly for £250, adding to even more expenditure and debt since her world spiralled out of control…


But an unusually concerned Tracy – who is perhaps thinking more of herself and her guilt that’s mirrored in Carla’s actions – tells Carla to stop torturing herself and go home.


After knocking over a table and drinks in her disorderly state, will Carla listen to advice and leave or has she lost all respect for herself?


Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) and Aidan Connor (Shayne Ward) help Carla leave the Bistro and a trail of destruction behind her. Will she heed Tracy’s words and stop beating herself up or is it too late?


With a tearful Tracy gathering her thoughts after witnessing Carla’s sorry state, Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) demands to know why she’s so upset. Tracy finally offloads and confesses the truth about the fire to Robert, but will she now tell Carla?

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