Coronation Street’s Debbie Rush tells Soaplife that Anna is only pretending that her relationship with Owen is back on track in order to protect Faye. . .

Anna told Owen to pack his bags after he clearly couldn’t forgive nor forget that she’d slept with Phelan to stop the blackmailing. But now she’s insisting he stay! What’s with the change of heart? “It’s because Faye is so distraught,” explains Debbie. “Her life has been up and down since she was a baby and Anna feels that she can’t put her through any more upheaval, so she decides to see if Owen will stay for Faye’s sake.”

Does Anna really think she and Owen can fake being together for Faye?

“Absolutely. Anna always puts the children first and so is convinced they can do this for Faye’s sake.”

Does it make her want to fight for her relationship with Owen?

“I don’t think so – even though Anna misses him desperately. Anna is faking it for Faye. She can live civilly with Owen, but can’t quite forgive him for the way he’s looking at her all the time – it makes her feel disgusted with herself.”

Did she really think alpha male Owen would understand why she slept with Phelan?

“She expected some understanding – for him to be able to see the reason why she did what she did and that she didn’t have a choice.”

How does Gary react to Owen moving back in?

“Gary’s very concerned for his mum because he knows how badly Owen has reacted. It was surprising Gary acted the way he did on finding out about Anna and Phelan. The viewers were probably expecting Gary to go off his head, but actually he’s been very supportive and feels really guilty. He doesn’t want his mum feeling any worse by having Owen in the house, making her feel even more disgusted with herself.”

Is there no way back for Anna and Owen?

“Anna’s completely adamant there’s no way back because she can’t understand how Owen doesn’t see this was not her choice and that she feels violated by what Phelan did.”