‘This is one of the worst moments of Sally’s life’

Coronation Street‘s Sally Dynevor reveals Sally gives Kevin a shoulder to cry on as Sophie’s life hangs in the balance. But will she give him more?

Has Sally noticed how upset Sophie is over her break-up with Sian?

“She doesn’t pay much attention to them as she thinks it’s just a phase and Sophie will eventually get a boyfriend. She’s more worried Sophie’s dropped out of college.”

When does Sally find out about the fall?

“Kevin calls her and tells her to go to the hospital. She’s terrified. She gets there and is told what happened and she’s like ‘What do you mean, she was on the roof?’”

How badly hurt is Sophie?

“She’s unconscious and needs a brain scan. Sally fears she’ll be brain-damaged.”

How does Sally feel when Sian says Sophie felt neglected by her parents?

“Really guilty. She and Kevin have spent the last few months arguing and she’s been consumed by her own problems.”

How scared is Sally that Sophie won’t survive and it will be partly her fault?

“Very scared. This is one of the worst moments of Sally’s life.”

What causes Sally and Kevin to argue at Sophie’s bedside?

“Sally finds out Kevin knew Sophie was drunk and had split up from Sian, but he hadn’t told Sally. Rosie of all people has to tell them to stop arguing and they realise it’s not the time or place for a row.”

From our picture it looks like Sophie’s accident could bring Sally and Kevin closer together… Does it?

“There’s a moment by Sophie’s bedside when Kevin breaks down and says it’s all his fault. Sally puts her arm around him and he leans on her shoulder. You have a feeling this might be a turning point.”

Kevin certainly thinks so…

“She realises that when she invites him back for a nightcap and he leans in for a kiss…”

Could she be about to forgive him?

“She does love him, but having a baby with another woman is a lot to forgive!”

What about her new man Jeff?

“He’s the opposite of Kevin – a gentleman, successful, handsome… almost too good to be true. He represents excitement whereas Kevin represents something deeper.”

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