Timothy West has revealed that  while he was proud of his appearance on Coronation Street he wouldn’t want a permanent role in the soap.

The veteran actor – who has been starring in Corrie as carpet salesman Eric, admitted he was drawn to the part due to its neat conclusion.

“It did appeal to me that this was a story with a definite end to it, and I couldn’t have stayed long term, but I have enjoyed it immensely,” he told the soap’s official website.

The 78-year-old added that he was given a warm welcome to Weatherfield by acting friends including Stephanie Cole, who plays Sylvia Goodwin, and Sue Johnston – who plays his screen fiancee Gloria Price.

“There are so many lovely people. I know Stephanie and Sue Johnston and one or two of the others. They welcome everybody,” he said.

And Timothy joked that it was the appearance of such stars as Ian McKellen that inspired him to take a role in the show.

“Well, I thought ‘If Ian McKellen can do it then it’s good enough for me!’.” he said.