Tina: ‘I checked David out when I checked him in’

New Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan says she met the actor who plays her boyfriend, David Platt, long before she joined the cast – when she checked him in for a flight.

Michelle plays Tina McIntyre, the girlfriend of Street demon David, and she is thrilled to have been given a major storyline in just her second month on the show.

But the former airport worker says she met Jack P Shepherd, who plays David, once before when she was working at an airport.

“I checked him and his girlfriend in to go away to America about two years ago, which is really strange. I didn’t speak to him because I was too nervous,” she laughs. “I remember thinking, Oh my god, it’s that guy from Corrie!’

“We get on really well now. He’s made it so much easier for me because he’s so down to Earth.”

And there’s no issue between him and her boyfriend, Hollyoaks actor Anthony Quinlan, she says. Because Anthony is an actor himself, she says he has no problems seeing her kissing Jack on screen.

“Oh no, he’s fine about it, he’s used to it,” she laughs. “He’s been in Hollyoaks for two years now so he understands what’s going on. He realises it’s a job and that nothing’s going on in real life.”