Tina is Jason’s revenge!

Jason is not scared of David when he starts dating Tina, says Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas!

How does Jason end up kissing Tina?

“He gets a bit hammered on a date with Minnie. He invites Minnie back to his place and, when she tells him straight she’s not that kind of girl and leaves, he suddenly turns his attentions to Tina. He kisses her and invites her back to his instead!”

What’s her reaction?

“Even though she turns him down she holds the kiss for a few seconds and doesn’t slap him which he takes as a good sign.”

Would he like to date Tina?

“Definitely. He’s told her how much he likes her and I think it’s genuine.”

Could Tina be the one to help him finally get over Sarah?

“I think so. When he was with Becky he was always talking about Sarah. He doesn’t do that with Tina. He’s either over Sarah or finally realised that talking about your ex doesn’t do you any favours with women.”

Jason knows David still thinks Tina is his. Will he consider this?

“I think he should get together with Tina just to get back at David. It would be the ultimate revenge!”

So he’s not afraid of David then?

“Not afraid, but he knows David’s capable of anything. With him there’s always a chance he could take things one step too far.”

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