Tina O’Brien: ‘My wedding won’t be like Sarah’s’

Actress Tina O’Brien has revealed that when she gets married the wedding will be very different to that of her Coronation Street alter ego, Sarah Platt.

In real life, Tina is dating co-star Ryan Thomas, who plays Sarah’s fiance Jason Grimshaw in the soap.

“My wedding will be nothing like the trauma of Sarah’s – that’s for sure!” she told New! magazine.

Tina also joked that she found it hard to get emotional during the filming.

“I was almost at the end of the aisle and I was desperate for a tear to drop but it didn’t and I was fuming!” she laughed. “But I think it was better with me welling up, rather than bawling my eyes out.”

The petite star also admitted that the wedding dress was not to her liking.

She explained: “The dress was nothing like me! What I loved about the hairstyle, the tiara and the dress was that they were very much Sarah. For the first week (of filming) I loved it and by the third week it was just a nightmare and I couldn’t wait to get it off!

“To tell you the truth, I don’t like wedding dresses. I probably loved them before but I’ve gone right off them!”

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