Todd is used to getting what he wants in Corrie… When he doesn’t, he can turn really nasty – and that’s the side of him that dirty dealer Phelan can work with, says star Bruno Langley

Todd returns to his dark side by betraying Billy and then teaming up with Phelan to fleece his friends and neighbours in Corrie. Bruno Langley explains to Soaplife why…

Why does Todd change?
“He wants Billy [Daniel Brocklebank] to make him his No 1 priority and he thinks he needs to get him away from the church for that to happen. Billy’s mentioned that he might leave the church to be with Todd, who thinks Billy just needs that extra push. So he phones the Bishop and does a bit of stirring.”

And Billy finds out, right?
“Yes and he is furious and says they’re finished. Todd makes out he did it for Billy, to give Billy the option of freeing himself from the church, but that’s just not true. He wanted Billy to leave the church for his own selfish reasons.”

So, dumped and feeling bitter, Todd decides to throw in his lot with Phelan?
Not straight away. He knows Phelan [Conor McIntyre] is not a good guy and vows to find proof of Phelan’s building scam to give to the police. But he feels the police won’t take him seriously after he wrongly reports Eileen [Sue Cleaver] missing. And Phelan tells him there would be bad implications for Eileen and Jason’s finances, so Todd decides to keep his mouth shut.”

Then Phelan calls him to the building site…
“Yes and Todd is pleased. He thinks he might have Phelan on the back foot, but Phelan taunts him about flowers and pansies. He also goads him with the promise of working with the big boys and making some money. He takes this on board and decides he may as well be the person Billy clearly thinks he is.”

And Phelan accepts Todd’s change of heart?
“Phelan is suspicious, but buys it when Todd admits he’s twisted. Phelan is like, ‘Yep, you are! I believe you!’ Phelan sees a lot of himself in Todd. They are a match for each other.”

Coronation Street, ITV