Coronation Street’s Charlie Condou has confirmed his character Marcus Dent’s relationship with Maria Connor will be rocked by the return of Todd Grimshaw.

Marcus and Maria (Samia Ghadie) got together last year despite Marcus being gay. He told other Street residents he had genuinely fallen for Maria and wanted to be a family with her and her son Liam.

But Charlie revealed that when Todd (Bruno Langley), the brother of Maria’s ex-boyfriend Jason, arrives back in Coronation Street he stirs up a whole heap of trouble for the happy couple.

Charlie said: “Marcus and Maria have got some very difficult times ahead coming up. I think it’s no secret that Todd Grimshaw is coming back to the street and obviously another gay character, he’s going to cause some problems and create some waves.

“We’re about to start filming that stuff in the next couple of weeks.”

Asked whether Todd would catch Marcus’s eye, Charlie admitted: “He definitely does that. How far it goes I couldn’t say, but yeah, it’s going to be tricky times ahead for Marcus and Maria.”

The actor said he was also looking forward to working with Bruno, who left Coronation Street in 2004 but made two brief appearances in 2007 and 2011.

He said: “He’s brilliant, Bruno, he’s a really, really lovely guy and a really brilliant actor so I’m really excited to be doing stuff with him.”

Meanwhile, Bruno told All About Soap: “Yes, he has his eye on Marcus. He’s one of those people who enjoys the drama of splitting couples up!

“He can be very charming and clever when he wants to. He’s clever and can turn things around to his advantage, such as manipulating Sean. I think he must have been hurt in some way in past relationships and that’s why he’s like he is now. I reckon he’s come back to the Street to wreak a bit of havoc!”