Todd returns for Jason’s big day

Jason Grimshaw’s brother Todd is back Weatherfield – and actor Bruno Langley insists it’s not him who stops the wedding!

How did Todd react when he suddenly got an invite to Sarah and Jason’s wedding?

“He was pleased – happy they’ve put the past behind them and want to see him again. He has no idea David’s sent the invite.”

So how does he feel when he turns up and finds out the invitation wasn’t sent by Jason or Sarah?

“Like an idiot! He’s come all the way from London only to realise the bride and groom don’t want him there.”

What happens when he bumps into Sarah?

“She treats him like he’s a monster! She tells him he’s not wanted and reckons his presence means the marriage is doomed.”

What about Jason?

“After the first shock, Jason’s pleased to see his brother.”

If Sarah’s so hostile, how come she ends up asking Todd to be best man?

“She calms down and they have a frank chat. Todd apologises for treating her so badly but says it’s time she put what happened between them behind her.”

And Sarah agrees?

“Sarah realises that Todd being there is possibly a good thing after all. Jason doesn’t have a best man so Sarah suggests Todd.”

Are the brothers pleased?

“Delighted. They love each other. It’s great for Todd to be able to do this for Jason.”

Todd was in love with Sarah before he had his gay fling. How does he feel about her now?

“Guilty because he knows he did treat her badly. But he’s very sure of his sexuality these days. He’s gay, not straight or even bisexual.”

What if Sarah was to declare she was still madly in love with Todd?

“That’s so not going to happen but even if she did he wouldn’t want her back. He cares for her but he likes men.”

So he won’t be the one who stops the wedding?

“It’s highly unlikely!”

Does Todd think Jason and Sarah make a good couple?

“As long as they’re happy he figures they should be together and make a go of things.”

You and your partner recently had a baby boy, does being a dad take up a lot of time?

“Anyone who has kids will know just how time-consuming it is! Your life is turned upside down – but in a good way.”

How long are you back in the Street for?

Thirteen episodes. It’s three years since I left and during my time out I’ve had busy times and not so busy times. When the call came from Corrie I was free so I said I’d do it. I only live down the road after all!