Todd’s plan backfires and the family ‘cut him out’, says Corrie’s Bruno Langley

Coronation Street’s Bruno Langley tells Soaplife that a disgraced Todd is in danger of being disowned by his family…

Todd Grimshaw can never have imagined the consequences of scrimping on those building materials, which led to Tyrone’s subsequent accident and injuries. When Tony – Jason’s dad and Todd’s former partner-in-crime, begs Jason for forgiveness and decides Todd’s just too hot to handle, the younger Grimshaw brother finds himself being slowly ostracised from the family.

“Todd’s pushed to one side and is now outside the circle of trust. It’s a horrible feeling and he’s very upset,” Bruno tells Soaplife. 

Todd’s hardly helped himself since Tyrone’s accident, though…
“I know. While he appreciates he made a mistake and has spent a long time trying to make things better, he doesn’t seem to realise that whatever he says or does just isn’t helping.”

He should just have said ‘sorry’ and then shut up!
“Of course, but he’s under pressure. His mum’s told him he must think of a way to make it right for Jason [Ryan Thomas]. He has no money to pay anyone off, so the only way he can think of trying to make things right is by aggravating and threatening Tyrone into accepting Tony’s offer of compensation. And this just makes things even worse.”

He drops Tony (Terence Maynard) in it, too, doesn’t he?
“Yes. He breaks into the garage and hopes Tyrone will think it was Tony’s way of pressuring him into accepting the pay-off he’s offered. He’s trying to indirectly threaten them, but it backfires massively. I always thought Todd was quite an intelligent guy, but some of the things he’s being doing recently are not very clever at all.”

What happens next?
“It’s at this point the family cut him out. Even Eileen [Sue Cleaver], his mum, is starting to want nothing more to do with him. In addition to everything that’s happened, she’s also upset Jason’s going to move in with Eva because he can’t stand being near Todd.”

Does anyone feel sorry for him?
“He’s upset so many people in so many ways that no one really feels that sorry for him.”

Is this finally the wake-up call he needs?
“It could go in all sorts of directions. Todd needs to rearrange his priorities and assess what’s important in his life. The main thing is he’s a selfish person and he needs to become less selfish, that’s the key. I must say, though, from my own point of view I love playing the bad boy and don’t want it to end!”

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