Tony and Maria take it into the bedroom!

Coronation Street’s

Samia Smith tells of the moment Maria and Tony admit they’re in love…

How does Maria feel when she and baby Liam return from Ireland?

“She’s really pleased to be back. She hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Tony while she’s been away… but she hasn’t quite got the courage to tell him.”

Does she mean it when she tells him she’s thinking of moving to Ireland?

“She does mean it. It would be awful being near Tony if he doesn’t feel the same as she does. But she’s hoping he’ll tell her not to go, take her into his arms and tell her he loves her. But he doesn’t. He just goes all funny and Maria takes that as a sign that he doesn’t care.”

Maria tells Fiz she’s in love with Tony. How does Fiz react?

“She tells Maria she should tell Tony how she feels and she tries. But she bottles out and ends up asking Tony to be Liam’s godfather. Tony replies ‘Is that all I’m worth? Godfather?’ Then he tells her he doesn’t want her to move to Ireland.”

Does he say the ‘L’ word?

“He finally admits his true feelings and they kiss and…”

And end up in bed?

“Well, you don’t actually see it, but he’s still there the next morning and he hasn’t slept on the couch!”

So their big love affair is finally on?

“It is. The next day that’s it, they agree to be a family. It’s what they both want. She tells Tony after Liam died she never thought she’d be happy again but now she’s really happy.”

Michelle’s not exactly happy though…

“Maria and Tony are planning to break the news to Michelle gently before their relationship goes public, but she catches them on the sofa when she goes back to Maria’s with Ryan. She’s furious and points out Liam’s barely cold in his grave… then she storms out in disgust.”

Is Maria bothered by Michelle’s reaction?

“She doesn’t really have time to be because the next day Michelle turns up and apologises.”

You’re going on maternity leave in September… Is this when Maria will find out Tony had Liam killed?

“I think it’s safe to say something big and exciting will happen between Maria and Tony at around that time… but I’m not saying what!”

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