‘Tony loves Liz, but can’t resist Tracy. It’s all a bit toxic,’ says Corrie’s Terence Maynard

Terence Maynard reveals to Soaplife that lust takes over when Tracy comes on to Tony…

It’s Tracy Barlow’s failing business that Tony Stewart’s supposed to be interested in so how come he ends up getting up close and personal with her? “It is Barlow’s Buys Tony’s interested in, but when Tracy’s in bits after learning former fiancé Rob will serve 25 years in jail, she misinterprets Tony’s sympathy for sexual attraction,” Terence tells Soaplife.

And Tony, it seems, is a man who just can’t say no. . .

Talk us through how Tony and Tracy (Kate Ford) start snogging?
“Tony’s still pushing the idea of a business partnership with Tracy – it’s what he’s had in mind since Rob was arrested. Tracy’s giving as good as she gets, but then she has a bit of a breakdown over Rob and Tony genuinely feels sorry for her.”

“Tracy’s at her lowest ebb. Rob’s locked up for life and she needs validating in some way – and by a man. Tony tells her there are loads of men who’d want her. It’s at this point that Tracy more or less asks Tony if he does.”

What does he say?
“Tony tells her he’s happy with with Liz [Beverley Callard], but Tracy still comes on strong.”

Why doesn’t Tony turn away?
“When she starts kissing him, he is completely disengaged and tries to turn away from her. But he can’t deny that he’s attracted to Tracy. With her coming on so strong, he can’t help himself. I think he likes how much of a challenge she’s becoming, too.”

How does he feel afterwards?
“Lousy. It’s all a bit toxic. He’s worried about Liz finding out. He genuinely loves Liz and doesn’t want to lose her. He just wants to forget about the thing with Tracy, but it’s evident she’s not going to let it go. From Tony’s point of view it’s going to be about managing Tracy and playing the game – he still really wants her business.”

Does he have any feelings for Tracy?
“Yes, I think he does. He’s not in love with her, but he’s challenged by her – and the feelings he does have for her could well grow.”

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