Tony takes an eye for an eye and attacks Callum on Coronation Street

It’s all been kicking off with Coronation Street‘s Callum of late, with critically injured Jason bearing the brunt of the bad boy’s brutal actions, as Callum and his heavies laid into the builder for challenging Callum over his treatment of Sarah Platt and daughter Bethany.

But with Jason’s fuming dad, Tony, gunning for him, is Callum about to end up in hospital too… or worse?

When Callum’s young son Max finally admits to mum Kylie that he witnessed his thug of a dad beating up builder Jason in the alleyway, is his dad about to get justice or will he get away with it again?


Just as Max tells the police about witnessing his dad’s violent and incriminating behaviour in relation to Jason’s vicious attack, is Bethany about to thwart things when Gemma and Callum come up with a blackmailing plan to get the youngster to provide conniving Callum with an alibi?


With the Platts in celebratory mood, and hoping they’ve seen the last of Callum after Max’s damning statement, little do they know that Bethany was bullied into providing an alibi for Callum, thinking her mum would be harmed if she didn’t. What will the family say when they find out she’s been to the police too?


With Jason’s dad, Tony, on the warpath over who put his son in hospital, he decides to visit the police station and tells the cops that he saw Callum hanging around just before Jason was beaten up… but he turns up at the hospital in a foul mood as the police doubted his story. And the family receive more news…


As Jason, Eileen and Tony come to terms with the terrible news from the doctor that Jason’s injuries have damaged his kidneys and he may need a transplant, his brother, Todd, overhears the prognosis through Sean and Billy


Am unusually selfless Todd decides to make a grand and caring gesture at the hospital by asking if he can donate a kidney to brother Jason, if needed. Surprised mum Eileen overhears this and is impressed by the gesture…


Tony, however, is ready to take the law into his own hands and tracks down Callum…


Callum gets a dose of his own medicine as Tony unleashes his anger.


But will the war between Callumn and the Platts end there? Watch the drama on Coronation Street, ITV, from Monday August 24.