‘Toyah finds Peter’s stashed cash and knows something’s not right,’ says Corrie’s Georgia Taylor

There’s turmoil for Toyah Battersby as she discovers Peter Barlow’s dishonesty, Corrie’s Georgia Taylor tells Soaplife

Toyah Battersby knew what she was taking on by sharing her life with Peter Barlow – he cheated and lied to her sister Leanne, after all. Now it seems he’s up to his old tricks.

“To begin with Toyah finds a wad of cash stashed away in a hot chocolate container at the back of a cupboard and she’s immediately suspicious and senses something isn’t right – it niggles her that that Peter may not be being open and honest with her,” Georgia Taylor tells Soaplife…

Does Toyah confront him about the money?
“Yes and she wants to believe what he tells her but she still has doubts.”

Peter wants to buy the Rovers… What does Toyah think about that?
“Initially and understandably she is hugely concerned as Peter [Chris Gascoyne] is a recovering alcoholic. But when he explains that it’s not about the Rovers being a pub but more about it being security, a home for them and hopefully their family, and his commitment to her, she really wants to believe him.”

Does she know anything about Chloe at this point?
“No. Chloe’s not on her radar. The very first scene in which we saw Chloe was when Peter took the cab booking and at the time he and Toyah were having a bit of a rocky patch. Peter flirted with Chloe, which annoyed her at the time, but she soon forgot about it. As far as Toyah is concerned now, she wouldn’t give Chloe a second thought.”

Then Ken tells Toyah Peter’s drinking and having an affair!
“Her heart sinks. Ken [William Roache] is not a malicious man in the least so why would he make anything up – or tell her stuff he didn’t absolutely believe in his heart was true?”

What’s next for Toyah?
“Life with Peter is always quite erratic, dangerous and exciting but it is also exhausting so it’s whether she is going to get tired of the continual ups and downs. The question is whether he’ll push her too far.”

Coronation Street, ITV

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