‘Tracy and Carla are building to the showdown of all showdowns,’ promises Corrie’s Kate Ford

Tracy’s inability to stop tormenting Carla in Coronation Street could be the thing that wrecks everything for her. Kate Ford reveals all to Soaplife…

Why can’t Tracy leave Carla alone?
“Tracy’s always felt that Carla had the upper hand over finances, with clothes, with her flat and this is one time she feels she has power over Carla. It really annoys her Carla’s so blissfully happy about starting this new life with Nick [Ben Price], when Tracy knows Carla slept with Robert [Tristan Gemmill]. Tracy believes whatever happens to Carla, she always comes up smelling of roses. Tracy’s jealous. She’s been made so unhappy by Carla so she wants Carla to be unhappy as well.”

Is there still a part of Tracy that doesn’t trust Robert?
“It’s a tricky one because they weren’t actually together when he slept with Carla. She’d pledged her love to Rob Donovan [Marc Baylis]. The problem she’s got is that Robert slept with Carla when he knows how much Tracy hates her. She can’t really get her head round that.”

Her other problem is Robert not knowing what Tracy’s been up to…
“She’s been blackmailing Carla to get the bistro and she knows if she told Robert that she knew about the one-night stand, then he might put two and two together and she might lose him. She’s treading on very thin ice with that one.”

What would make Tracy feel that she’s won her war with Carla?
“Tracy taking over Carla’s role in the street, with a flat as nice as Carla’s, as successful a business with an equally successful partner. Tracy’s hounding of Carla is building towards the final showdown between them before Alison King [who plays Carla] leaves in May. That will be the showdown to beat all showdowns!”

Would you like to see Tracy taken down a peg or two?
“That’s always happening. Every time things go wrong for Tracy and she’s humiliated, she starts fighting back in an unpleasant way. Things never really go her way, do they? She’s constantly up against it. Her neighbours think of her as a bit of a loser, although she’d never admit that. She still lives in a tiny bedroom at her dad’s house and that’s why she’s so jealous of Carla.”

Coronation Street, ITV