Tracy Barlow’s back, nastier than ever!

And she has only one wish for Christmas – to spend it with Amy. And, as Coronation Street‘s Kate Ford reveals to Soaplife, that means she makes life merry hell for Steve and Becky…

One minute Tracy’s banged up for murder, the next she’s back on the cobbles. Is this some kind of Christmas miracle? Not as far as Steve and Becky are concerned. It’s their Christmas nightmare! But how has Tracy got out of prison? That’s what Soaplife first asks Kate. “Tracy’s the luckiest person in the world,” Kate reveals. “She finds out that the forensic guy who gave evidence against her is up for fraud and the quality of his evidence is under question. She’s let out on bail pending a retrial…”

And she heads straight to Weatherfield…

“She gets there just as everybody is singing at a memorial service for the people who died in the tram crash. She’s ecstatic to be out and hasn’t told anybody because she wants it to be a surprise for Ken and Deirdre. The look on everyone’s face is one of utter disbelief.”

What does she want to happen now she’s back?

“She wants Amy to be at the Barlows with her. I can see why she would want that, but it’s the way she goes about it that’s the problem.”

Uh-oh. What does she do?

“She goes to The Rovers and tells Steve and Becky that Amy will be with them for Christmas morning, but she’s picking her up and taking her round to the Barlows for lunch. She doesn’t ask, she tells them.”

Soaplife is pretty sure they won’t like that!

“There are a few arguments, but Tracy then tells them she knows that they paid for Max and will shop them if they don’t let her have Amy. She’s got them over a barrel.”

Does she still have feelings for Steve?

“She wants to be in a relationship with him. He’s the one true love of her life – even though he isn’t interested. But she won’t give up on him. She plans to make things tricky in his marriage in the hope that eventually he’ll choose her.”

Is anybody apart from Ken and Deirdre pleased to see her?

“No. Tracy knows they all hate her and she’s horrible to everyone in the Street.”

Being horrible’s one thing. Is Tracy still capable of killing?

“Yes, I think she is. But she hates prison so much, I think it would put her off ever killing anybody again…”