‘Tracy’s LOVING having the balance of power over Carla,’ reveals Corrie’s Kate Ford

Tracy tells Carla to make sure Nick sells the bistro to Robert – or else! Coronation Street’s Kate Ford spells it out to Soaplife…

Tracy thought she had it all sorted when she blackmailed Carla into persuading Nick to sell the bistro to Robert. But Nick decides he’d rather sell to Leanne (Jane Danson).

“Tracy is incredulous and really angry,” says Kate. “Running a florists may give her more respectability than having a pawn shop, but owning the bistro would really make her and Robert a power couple. The fact that Robert [Tristan Gemmill] spent the night with Carla isn’t really an issue – they were on a break at the time, plus Tracy knows he loves her.”

The way Tracy sees it,  there’s only one way she can keep her dream alive – and that’s by forcing Carla to stump up some cash.

How much money does Tracy tell Carla she wants?
“£10k. She sees no reason why she shouldn’t get it and feels she holds all the trump cards. Carla [Alison King] has already done what Tracy has asked in order to keep that one night stand with Robert secret from Nick. So, Tracy’s confident she can win this round, too.”

Where has Leanne got her money from?
“Ken [William Roache] frees up money from Simon’s inheritance from Deirdre. Tracy is actually really upset about it as Ken totally refused to let Tracy have Amy’s share of Deirdre’s money. To discover he’s done the opposite with Leanne is extremely hurtful.”

What would Robert say if he knew Tracy was blackmailing Carla?
“She knows he would be furious, but she feels she is doing it for the right reasons. Tracy wants Robert to have his own business again – that’s her justification.”

Yes, but Tracy’s also loving having control over Carla, isn’t she?
“Really loving it. The balance of power is with her and there is nothing that makes Tracy happier than power and being in control – especially where Carla is concerned.”

Would you like to see Tracy and Robert successful and happily married?
“It would be interesting to see Tracy happy and fulfilled – different but interesting. We will have to wait and see what the writers have in store, though.”

Coronation Street, ITV


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