Tyrone ties himself up in knots with Molly…again

Sparks fly when Molly and Tyrone Dobbs get back together, reveals Coronation Street star Alan Halsall…

How’s Tyrone been feeling since

Molly dumped him?

“Awful. There he was about to marry the girl of his dreams then suddenly he’s on his own again. He hates it.”

Does he think they’ll get back together?

“Well he hasn’t cancelled the church! There’s a genuine love between them. In fact Molly admits she loves him.”

So why is Tyrone jealous of Jason?

“He sees Molly having a laugh with Jason and accuses her of trying to get off with him. He loses it – and Molly – all over again!”

Pam of all people reunites them. How?

“She blows herself up with the chip oil she’s trying to flog as biofuel. She’s rushed to hospital and exaggerates her injuries to

get them to make up.”

Then Tyrone proposes again…

“Back home he gets down on one knee and asks Molly to marry him – then his mum Jackie bursts in before Molly can answer. He’s never been less pleased to see her!”

So when does he get Molly’s answer?

“She accepts later in the Rovers. Tyrone’s over the moon. He’s got Molly back and they excitedly start planning the wedding again.”

Is this the end of Tyrone’s dodgy

money-making scams?

“I’d like to say it is but it isn’t. He still doesn’t see what he did as a bad thing. He was just helping out Pam and making money for

a lovely wedding to please Molly.”

Molly didn’t see it that way…

“No – and if she were to catch him again

I don’t think she’d forgive him again!”

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