Tyrone turns sleuth, with predictable consequences

Tyrone’s determined to prove Paul’s up to no good, but Coronation Street star Alan Halsall warns he’s not really up to it!

We know Paul’s taking Jack and Vera for a ride but what’s Tyrone got against him?

“He knows the kind of character Paul is. In fact he used to be like that – ripping people off and only looking out for himself. Tyrone feels sure Paul’s only turned up because he wants to get something out of his grandparents.”

Could there be just a bit of jealousy there too?

“There might be. Tyrone is the lad Jack and Vera adopted and looked after. He’s been the focus of their attentions – but now Paul’s come along. But I like to think it’s more to do with Tyrone’s urge to protect Jack and Vera, as they mean a lot to him.”

Does Tyrone know Paul hocked Jack and Vera’s house to get a loan to buy into Leanne’s restaurant?

“No. But he sees Paul acting suspicously and is sure he’s up to no good.”

What does he see then?

“He sees Paul grab the post as soon as it arrives and then hears him on the phone to the loan company though he can’t make out the conversation. But it’s enough for him to be sure Paul’s up to something sneaky. He just doesn’t know what.”

What does Molly have to say about it all?

“She thinks Tyrone’s suspicions are unfounded and wants him to drop it. It’s also putting a strain on their relationship, but Tyrone can’t see that – he’s blinkered. All he wants to do is rumble Paul.”

Has he a plan to do that?

“He thinks he has. A letter arrives for the Duckworths and Tyrone puts it on the mantelpiece, telling Molly he’s waiting to see if Paul steals it. His suspicions are confirmed when Jack later tells him that no post arrived that day.”

Does he confront Paul?

“No, he tells Jack that Paul’s been nicking the mail.”

So Paul’s caught out?

“No chance. He produces the letter and says he’d bought Jack and Vera a reclining chair as a gift and hid the delivery note to keep it a surprise.”

Who do Jack and Vera believe?

“Paul of course. He’s much cleverer than Tyrone – he outplays him. Poor Tyrone isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the box and he’s certainly no detective. Also Paul is a smarmy sod and knows exactly how to butter up the Duckworths.”

Now Paul knows Tyrone’s onto him won’t it be harder to catch him out?

“Yes but Tyrone won’t give up. He’s geuinely worried for Jack and Vera. With Paul being so clever and Tyrone being a bit slow though it’s likely to turn into a proper farce!”

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