‘Tyrone wants to call the cops on Jason!’ says Corrie’s Ryan Thomas

Coronation Street’s Ryan Thomas warns Soaplife that Jason’s in danger of losing his best mate and his business – all because of tricky Tony and terrible Todd…

Times are hard for Jason Grimshaw. Thanks to his dad Tony and brother Todd’s dodgy deals, best mate Tyrone is badly injured, unable to work, claiming compensation – and blaming Jason for it all. But there’s even worse to come. “Owen rumbles the scam with the flooring and tells Tyrone, who’s furious,” Ryan tells Soaplife.

“He and Fiz are determined to report Jason to the police, which would mean the end of his business. Jason’s a good bloke who wouldn’t dream of getting involved in dodgy botch-jobs just to make more money. He trades off his good reputation, but now that’s in ruins…”

Does Jason wish he’d never allowed Tony and Todd (Bruno Langley) to become involved with his business?
“Jason never wanted Todd involved because he doesn’t trust him. It’s complicated where Tony is concerned because he invested in the business. Jason was also delighted to have his dad back in his life and they had become close. But what has happened has definitely harmed their relationship.”

How does Owen (Ian Puleston-Davies) realise what they’ve done?
“He sees Jason putting the substandard flooring in a skip, realises they’re chipboard and alerts Fiz [Jenny McAlpine] and Tyrone. They immediately confront Jason.”

What does Jason say to them?
“He appeals to Tyrone [Alan Halsall] as a mate and explains none of it was his doing and that, although he lied in the aftermath, he did have his reasons. He has no choice, but to try to bribe them with yet more money. But there’s no guarantee they’ll accept, so Jason’s friendship with Ty, as well as the business, hangs in the balance.”

It was Tony (Terence Maynard) who insisted Jason lie to Tyrone. Is he sorry he did now?
“Absolutely. He wanted to do the right thing and come clean from the start. He didn’t want to lie to his mate, but Tony convinced him to because there was so much at stake. Tony offered them more and more money – and it looked like it was going to work until Owen found out about the dodgy flooring.”

So this isn’t over?
“No. I’m loving it, though… Tony’s a breath of fresh air for the Grimshaws and, along with a more evil Todd, there’s lots of more drama to come.”

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