Coronation Street’s Alan Halsall hints a baby could be just the thing to bring Molly back to Tyrone…

How is Tyrone coping on his own?

“He’s floored. He can’t understand why Molly’s left him. He thinks it must be his fault. He’s both confused and heartbroken.”

Had he realised just what a bad state their marriage was in?

“He knew something was up with Molly as he couldn’t seem to do anything right. He hoped it was just a phase they’d get over.”

Tyrone thought Molly was having an affair with Dev… Does he still suspect she’s been cheating on him?

“In the back of his mind he thinks there has to be a reason and an affair is a good one.”

Has he no inkling it might be Kevin?

“It hasn’t crossed his mind. Kevin’s his mate and, as far as Tyrone’s concerned, mates don’t do things like that.”

What would he do if he found out?

“He’d be devastated. He cherished both his marriage and his job. If he found out his best mate who’s also his boss has betrayed him, he’d be left with nothing.”

Would he blame Molly or Kevin the most?

“He’d be angry with both of them. But he might forgive Molly cheating as she’s all he’s ever wanted in a woman.”

He’s trying to win her back… Does he think he has a chance?

“When Molly tells him to back off because she needs time to think it gives him hope.”

If he knew the truth, would he still want her back?

“He might do, but it would be hard to build up the trust again.”

It’s rumoured Molly will be pregnant. If so would you like Tyrone to be the dad?

“I would. If she were to be pregnant with his baby it might heal the rift between them…”

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