Coronation Street‘s Vera Duckworth has been drafted in by the Labour Party in their desperate fight to win the Crewe and Nantwich by-election.

Actress Liz Dawn, 68, who starred in the long-running soap for three decades, appeared with candidate Tamsin Dunwoody at a garden party at the home of a Corrie fan in Coronation Street, Crewe.

Liz joined the campaign trail declaring that Vera and TV hubby Jack would have been thrilled by the Government’s 10p tax concessions announced on Tuesday.

Taking time out from holding babies and eating cake and crisps with Labour supporters, Liz said: “Jack and Vera would be thrilled.

“It was a bad choice really, wasn’t it. But it has been altered now and it’s been put right. People forget what it was like under a Conservative government.”

The actress appeared at the home of Ann Dennis, 48, who said having her in her house was ‘overwhelming and fantastic’.

Both women suffer from emphysema and spent time chatting about their condition.

Ms Dunwoody, whose mother Gwyneth Dunwoody’s death caused next week’s by-election, said having the actress – who lives in Manchester – on board could only help her campaign.

She said: “It is fantastic. Everywhere we go people come out and ask for autographs. People have grown up with her and having her here, as a strong Labour supporter, is a privilege for me.”